Corrine - Sheffield

Thank you to Pursuit of Happiness for the year 2021 Thank you for being there without failure each and every week. It has been a real pleasure and an honour to be welcomed by such a warm, friendly, supportive and knowledgeable community from our shores and further. We have shared laughs, ups, downs, highs and lows. We have shared intimate and close felt emotions. We have discussed and commented on issues within our community and shared learning and insights into how the effects of social and economic activity and development has affected our community. I cannot express enough, how beneficial joining this community has meant to me. The impact is almost immeasurable, but, just as a small measure ~ I have learnt so much about myself and others from around the country and other communities. We all have formed a lasting bond, sadly as a result of another heinous act of brutality on a brother. Thank you Una, Thank you Mark - not forgetting everyone else who has been a part of this project. You have all shown yourselves to be welcoming warm and pillars of generosity. I value and appreciate all of us and send Blessings for prosperity to ALL.

Yvonne - Huddersfield

2021 closes and 2022 presents all manner of opportunities. Trust your inner guidance it is never wrong. Thank you POH for holding the space throughout. POH is a now a strategic service! Providing support to alleviate isolation, loneliness and fatigue. Whilst organising focussed edutainment, global knowledge and local information.