Saturday Skills School

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This project will provide a unique approach with an alternative early intervention and prevention method. It will reduce anti-social behaviour and inspire educational attainment among local youth in deprived areas of Huddersfield. In addition, it will improve the confidence and self-esteem of our youth.

Pursuit of Happiness CIC will initially provide a Saturday Skills School with a scope to include children aged between seven and fourteen. Access to the scheme will be via parental request or referral from schools/academies settings.  We will broaden the age range of our service as we develop capacity in the future.

We have identified professionals and skilled tradespeople of African Caribbean heritage to deliver employment inspired projects, either on a Saturday or after school hours. Everyone involved in this project will voluntary provide their time and knowledge.

We understand as a not for profit organisation, that we require funding and monies in order to deliver this project effectively and safely. We appreciate any donations, no matter how small as every penny will help us with providing this Skills School for our youth today and improve their future, tomorrow.

Click here to DONATE via our GoFundMe page