What have we done with our funding?... We offer young people a unique experience and prepare them for the challenges ahead with an  Introduction To Construction Skills For Children On Saturday Afternoons From 4 pm

Saturday Skills School

We are a not for profit community organisation who will be providing sessions for children aged 8 to 16 years. Please see this link to our GoFundMe page for more details and how to enrol your child for our FREE sessions.

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First Day launch event

Our projects are age appropriate and designed to introduce young people to the world of STEM subjects and construction trades

Building self esteem

Our classes are designed to increase self confidence, a sense of achievement and personal development. We are creating confident leaders of tomorrow.

Positive and Supportive

Each week we practice a specific area of development to improve fine motor skills and an understanding of how everyday items are built. All our students learn the basics of physics and technology as a core aspect of every session.