Pursuit of Happiness CIC

This week our brother Nat from Brixton in London joins us, he will be sharing with us his experience within the Mental Health Sector and our African Caribbean community. Brother Nat has been attending our Online Community Centre so it will be a pleasure to have him on as a guest speaker this week. Brother Nat will be bringing an evening of difference and engaging our attendees in several tasks. Below is what Brother Nat will be presenting: Realising our "piece to the puzzle" in the unification and liberation movement; 1) sharing what we can do to realise our price to the puzzle (through mind, body and soul) 2) sharing my own example of what resources I used and how you can access them 3) and also sharing what I now do to contribute to the movement and how you can join, support, donate. We welcome you all to join our safe and friendly space. Blessings

  • Date: 12-12-2021 20:00
  • Location: Online Event

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