About Us

Pursuit of Happiness is a Kirklees, West Yorkshire based not for profit organisation and a registered Community Interest Company (CIC).  We have an ambition of making Huddersfield, surrounding areas and nationwide a more harmonious place in which our Black community are able to thrive. We exist to make a difference for our African Diaspora across Kirklees and beyond. Equality, diversity and inclusion should be equally guaranteed for all without regard to race.

Our Mission
We aim to identify critical issues and work towards tangible and generational change that will significantly benefit our Black community. A constructive working relationship between Authorities/Statutory Bodies and the Black community is paramount, with them being directly involved when decisions are being made concerning them. We will be assisting with developing grassroots initiatives to increase equality, diversity and inclusion, with ourselves being the bridge directly into the heart of the community.

Systemic and institutional racism along with oppression among other areas of racial injustices, is and has always been prevalent in the UK regarding our Black/Brown African Caribbean residents.

Our Vision

Have an authentic grassroots representation via our weekly FREE to access online meetings. These events are a way for Pursuit of Happiness CIC to conduct research before proposing a point of view on behalf of our Black community.  We are a welcoming and relaxed digital centre that all our community residents can attend. 

Please click here >>> https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/pursuit-of-happiness-31444425915  to see our upcoming events on Eventbrite. Everyone will be free to speak on any topics, issues and other pressing concerns they wish to express, our voices are hear to be heard.

About Us